Eiza Gonzales Before And After

Eiza Gonzalez Before and After

Mexican actress Eiza Gonzalez has quickly established herself as an iconic Hollywood figure after appearing in Baby Driver. Recently she locked lips with actor Timothee Chalamet and has even been linked with Liam Hemsworth rumors.

Eiza Gonzales rose to stardom as a rising teen star in Mexico through her roles in telenovelas and Nickelodeon movies, eventually moving to Los Angeles to focus on acting career and has since become a beloved member of her cult fan base.

Lola made her name on television with her breakthrough role as Lola in Lola, erase una vez. Now, she will make her American film debut playing Jon Hamm’s girlfriend in Baby Driver.

Her appearance has also undergone dramatic transformation, with her nose becoming more prominent and evidence that her cheeks may have changed; these appear more sculpted in recent photos.

Reports indicate that actress Nicole Kidman underwent plastic surgery on her nose in 2011 for aesthetic purposes, which she later admitted on Spanish talk show Hoy. She stated she underwent such procedures in order to enhance her physical appearance.

Though she recognized that plastic surgery wasn’t medically necessary, she didn’t like how her appearance had changed. This was her first public admission of having plastic surgery and has received much criticism due to its effects.

Though Eiza may have undergone only minimal work to her appearance, her admission of having had her nose altered shows how dedicated she is to improving it. Furthermore, many believe she has undergone other cosmetic procedures, including brow and eyelash injections.

She is best-known for her iconic, long, flowing locks – now blonde with an attractive ombre effect – which have become one of her signature styles over time.

Eiza Gonzales began modeling when she was still young and later went on to be one of Avon’s beauty ambassadors, appearing in many commercials for them.

Only in 2007 did she make her acting debut in a telenovela. Playing Lola inspired her passion for acting. Following this role, she started appearing in commercials for brands as well as joining a music group.

As she became increasingly well-known in Mexico, she often appeared with dark brown dyed locks and more dramatic makeup than what is often worn now.

In 2009, she was seen sporting a lighter and more natural appearance. Her hair had been lightened for a photoshoot; additionally she donned lighter hues of makeup during a recording session.

She used to be quite plump as a teenager, but has managed to shed off much of that extra weight over time and maintain an attractive figure and toned physique.

People have often focused on her nose since 2011, when it was altered with plastic surgery and has since been the source of much criticism.

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