Dunkin Almond Milk Latte Calories

How Many Calories Are in Dunkin Almond Milk Latte?

Dunkin Donuts is known for offering delicious, creamy iced coffee and cappuccino beverages, but if you are trying to limit your sugar and calorie consumption, it is crucial that you know how many calories are in dunkin almond milk lattes before ordering one. That way, you can make choices that are right for your diet without compromising taste or enjoyment. This article will outline strategies and solutions for lowering the number of calories found in Dunkin’ Donuts beverages such as dairy replacement options and low-cal add-ons.

Dunkin Almond Milk Iced Lattes are not only delicious and refreshing drinks, but they’re also nutritious beverages that offer you energy for daily tasks. Crafted using low-cal almond milk and enhanced by vanilla and caramel flavors – making the Dunkin Almond Milk Iced Latte one sweet and satisfying way to start the day right!

Iced lattes come equipped with sugar-free syrups to further lower calorie count in their drinks, including vanilla, hazelnut and toasted almond flavors. However, even these sugar-free options contain calories so if reducing caloric intake is your goal then use these syrups sparingly if possible.

Avoid syrups to reduce calorie consumption and try one of Dunkin’ Donuts flavored shots instead. These shots can be added to any iced coffee for an added dose of sweetness; flavors include vanilla, hazelnut, raspberry and blueberry! You can find these tasty shots in similar locations as their regular flavor swirls!

Add another way to cut calories in your Dunkin iced latte is switching out the milk type you use. Dunkin offers dairy-free milk options, including almond, soy, and coconut. Almond milk boasts the least number of calories with only 40 per serving while soy has 80.

Coconut milk stands out as having both high caloric intake and fewest sugar content among non-dairy options, comparable to that of a medium latte with skim milk and French vanilla flavors. Calorie counts are comparable to that of a medium latte made with skim milk and French vanilla flavors; their calorie counts are equivalent to that of a medium latte made with skim milk and French vanilla flavors from Proud to Pumpkin fall menu favorites which come with flavor shots or syrup for additional enjoyment; alternatively a Nutty Pumpkin Coffee made with Dunkin’ Donuts almond milk, pumpkin spice swirl, pumpkin spice flavor shot is an amazing low-cal treat which offers just 82 total calore for maximum morning sweetness!

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