Don Angie Chrysanthemum Salad Recipe

Don Angie Chrysanthemum Salad Recipe

If you’re looking for a refreshing and herbaceous salad to complement your Asian meal, try this don angie chrysanthemum salad recipe! It pairs chrysanthemum greens with a dressing of typical Chinese herbs and seasonings for a cold appetizer that’s a perfect counterbalance to heavier main dishes.

Chrysanthemum Salad with Ginger-Chili Sauce

The classic chrysanthemum salad gets a kick of flavor from this easy ginger-chili sauce. Made with chinkiang vinegar, soy sauce, sesame oil, garlic, chili, and sugar, it has plenty of umami and tartness to balance out the sweetness of the chrysanthemum leaves. The sauce will only need a quick moment on the stove to infuse the flavors before you pour it over the fresh greens.

This recipe is gluten-free, so feel free to replace the chinkiang vinegar and soy sauce with tamari and rice vinegar. Just be sure to thoroughly wash the chrysanthemum greens before you add them to the bowl with the sauce.

A New York Times Best Chefs of 2018 nominee, Don Angie (which is run by husband-and-wife duo Scott Tacinelli and Angie Rito) has an alluring combination of old-school red-sauce Italian-American cuisine and a playful take on nostalgia. It’s the kind of place where you’ll want to take a friend, coworker or even your mysterious date for dinner and drinks.

There’s no denying that the lasagna is a legend, but there are other carb-less gems on the menu that we love as well. We can’t get enough of the scallion pancake-like garlic flatbread or the crunchy chrysanthemum salad that’s speckled with sesame and Parmesan cheese.

Gnocchi With Poppy Seeds

A favorite on the menu is gnocchi, which comes in two sizes, covered in poppy seeds and topped with gooey Stracchino cheese. The gnocchi is firm on the outside, and bursts with gooey, melty cheese in the center.

Don Angie also has a fantastic selection of charcuterie and cheese platters. These are all great for sharing and will satisfy even the biggest appetites.

Toppings that will work with all pastas and entrees include arugula, roasted cherry tomatoes, capers, black truffle olive tapenade, and smoked mussels. They’re a great way to cut back on the amount of fat and carbs in your meal.

Garlic Flatbread

Unlike most places that serve a stuffed garlic bread, Don Angie doesn’t just make the flatbread and serve it with cheese; they also serve it with a spread of olive oil and herbs. It’s one of our favorite things to start any meal here, and it’s especially good when paired with the chrysanthemum salad and a glass of wine. It’s also a great option for a light lunch or snack.

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