Disney Cars Color Changers

Disney Cars Color Changers

If you are searching for toys for little kids, you may be interested in Disney Cars Color Changers. These cars can change their color when they are immersed in water. They are great for kids who love to play with different colors. This toy is suitable for kids of 3-6 years of age. Moreover, they are durable and safe for your child.

There are several different colors to choose from. One example is the rainbow set of cars, which can be used to play with different colors. The set includes a paint booth as well as a spray bottle that can hold ice/cold. You can spray the entire car with different colors.

The Disney Pixar Cars Sally Color Changer Vehicle is a perfect choice for kids who love the movie. It changes color from light blue to purple, depending on the temperature of water. The cool box design adds style to your child’s bedroom. This toy is perfect for fans of the movie Cars and is great for playing with.

The Disney Pixar Cars Boost Color Changer Vehicle looks like a racecar. It has a large racing spoiler that changes the color of the vehicle from a base white to a bright purplish. Its color change is amazing. The vehicle is also decorated with fancy rims.

Two styles of Disney Pixar Cars Color Changers can be purchased: a Mack Dip & Dunk Trailer and a Disney Pixar Cars Chase and Change Frank. Both are 10 inches long and two inches wide. The Mack trailer can hold up to two color changers. A Mack trailer can transport two of these cars while a dunk tank can only hold one.

Lightning McQueen color changing cars are a unique way for you to play with cars from Disney Pixar Cars movie. The Lightning McQueen colour changer features a bright yellow lightning bolt and a Piston Cup logo. The hood color of the Lightning McQueen car changes from red to black. You can also choose between two additional colors: green, blue, or yellow.

One of the most popular Cars color changers is the Disney Pixar Cars Lighting McQueen Red to Yellow Vehicle. This toy can change its color when it is placed in warm or cool water. It also has a number 95 lighting logo on the hood. Its features make it a fun toy for children of all ages.

The Cars Color Change cars are a great way for kids to learn about how to transform paint designs. Each one of these 1:55 scale vehicles changes color when placed in either warm or cold water. This is a fun activity for younger kids who love the Disney and Pixar Cars movies.

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