Did Amber And Justin Get Married

Did Amber and Justin Get Married?

Amber Brown is an intelligent, sassiny young girl who has never met a boy she didn’t like. She and Justin have been best friends since kindergarten and continue to stay close by each other’s sides when things get difficult. However, when Justin has to move away, Amber starts fighting with him and they’re uncertain if they can ever work through their differences.

When Amber discovers she is pregnant, she decides to remain in Fresno with her grandparents to care for the baby. Although initially reluctant, she ultimately realizes the need to be with her daughter and help her get her life on track. Furthermore, Amber helps Sarah Braverman – Amber’s mother’s cousin – cope with her pregnancy and serve as a better role model for Ruby.

Amber and her family move to a new house in town, and it can be challenging for her to adjust to their new lifestyle. Additionally, keeping her mind off her father who is dating again is difficult as both are busy with work. Amber worries about what the future holds for her as both of her parents are busy with work.

Amber is experiencing a growth spurt and is itchy all over. However, when her school becomes overrun by skunks, Amber’s worries take an even larger toll.

Eventually, she begins to have doubts about whether her parents really love each other. She doesn’t know how she can be the best daughter and sister she can be if they aren’t on the same page about everything.

But when she meets Kelsey, a wealthy girl with similar sensibilities to herself, they discover they share something in common: an affinity for puns and an appreciation of classic films.

They begin spending a lot of time together, and eventually Amber is invited on vacation with her aunt Pam. While she’s excited about going to London and Paris, Amber struggles with how she will cope with all the changes in her life.

As she prepares for the trip, she comes to realize that life in Fresno is not what it used to be. She’s uncertain if she wants to return home but is determined not to give up on her ambition of becoming a musician.

Once she arrives in London and Paris, it becomes evident that she isn’t the only one experiencing issues with her parents. She begins to question if it will ever be possible for them to have a normal relationship again, and worries about how she will appear when she returns home to her hometown.

She’s excited about becoming the Best Child, yet uncertain how she will manage on their special day without her friends. For a twelve-year old to be so focused on her mother’s wedding is especially difficult when her own relationship with her dad is at its lowest point.

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