Dewey Bunnell Net Worth

Dewey Bunnell Net Worth

Besides being an outstanding musician, Dewey Bunnell is also an incredible person. The musician was born in Brooklyn, New York, and grew up there. He studied music at the New School for Social Research, and is considered one of the best jazz pianists of the 1960s. During his career, he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and was awarded the National Medal of Arts. He also founded the Brooklyn Philharmonic Orchestra. The musician has a net worth of over $3 million, and has sold millions of albums worldwide.


Known as the founder of the folk rock group America, Dewey Bunnell has been in the business for over four decades. As a guitarist, songwriter, and singer, Bunnell has made a name for himself by writing a number of popular songs. He co-founded America with Gerry Beckley in 1969, and they are still touring today. In fact, Bunnell is still performing as America with Beckley, and will be at the Brown County Music Center in California on June 17th. The show is a special event in honor of the band’s 50th anniversary.

The name Dewey is actually a Welsh translation of the word David. Bunnell was born in Harrogate, Yorkshire, England on January 19th, 1952. He met Beckley and Dan Peek in high school, and he would eventually form America with them. Bunnell’s first big hit was “A Horse with No Name,” a song that reached No. 3 on the UK singles chart in early 1972. It was the first of many songs that Bunnell wrote for the band.

Life story

During the heyday of the seventies, Dewey Bunnell penned one of the most popular songs of the decade, “Horse with No Name”. It was a hit in the UK and was a top-ten hit in America’s native land. During the early 70’s, Bunnell spent some time living in Palos Verdes and northern Wisconsin. He moved to Marin County, California in 1973.

Dewey Bunnell is also credited with writing the best-selling riff in the history of rock and roll. He also made the best use of the latest digital recording technologies, producing a slew of hit songs in the ’70s and ’80s.


Despite his young age, Dewey Bunnell has become one of the most respected and successful folk rockers of all time. The singer and guitarist is most notably known as a member of America. The band he formed with Gerry Beckley and Dan Peek in 1969 spawned a number of hits including “Ventura Highway,” “A Horse With No Name” and “I Need You.”

Bunnell met Beckley and Peek in high school in London, England. He moved to Marin County, California, with his wife Vivien in 1973. They performed benefit concerts for the Marin Catholic High School. His first song with the band, “Horse With No Name,” reached number three on the UK charts early in 1972. It also knocked off Neil Young’s “Heart of Gold”. Bunnell has toured as America for over five decades, including a recent reunion tour in 2012.

As with most bands, the two founding members have toured together for years. They’ve seen three generations of families in the audience. Bunnell and Beckley have also been involved in writing an authorized biography of the group.


During the 1970s, Dewey Bunnell, along with Gerry Beckley and Dan Peek, formed a band whose songs were a bit too catchy for their own good. Their debut album, A Horse with No Name, reached the number three spot in the UK, and their follow-up, No One Knows, was certified gold in 1975. After the band broke up in 1973, Bunnell moved to Marin County, California and started a family. He married Penny in 2002, and they have one daughter. The marriage was short-lived, however, and Bunnell later divorced her.

A bit of a chameleon, Bunnell has maintained a fairly low profile. Although he was born in Harrogate, Yorkshire, England, he spent most of his life in the Bay Area. He has a well-earned reputation as a folk-rock star, and he is arguably the richest singer in the business.


Having a family is a priority for most people. Dewey Bunnell is no exception. He has one daughter and a son with his wife. They spend most of their time in Palos Verdes and northern Wisconsin.

Dewey Bunnell was born in England in 1952. He grew up in a military family. He attended London Central Elementary and High School. He started his career as a musician in 1969. He released his self-titled debut album in 1971. He signed with Warner Bros. Records after graduating from high school. His songs include A Horse With No Name and Ventura Highway.


Among the most famous of British-American musicians is Dewey Bunnell. The musician, who grew up in Harrogate, Yorkshire, England, is best known as the guitarist and vocalist for the folk rock group America. With a number of hits and a global fan base, America is a perennial classic-rock favorite.

Dewey Bunnell has had a successful career since the late 1960s. In fact, he and fellow band member Gerry Beckley changed the sound of their band, and have still been touring the world today. Their hits include “Ventura Highway,” “I Need You,” “Ventura Highway,” “Don’t Cross the River,” and “Sister Golden Hair.” The band’s first album was released in 1971.

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