Denver Zoo Flock Party

The Denver Zoo Flock Party and Flamingo Habitat

The Denver Zoo flock party was an unforgettable evening to honor the 2020 and 2021 Flower Girls. Guests enjoyed a delectable spread of food, drinks and animal experiences while raising funds for the zoo’s new habitat for American and Chilean flamingos.

At the Flock Party, guests were treated to an array of unique animal experiences like elephant bridge crossing, predator ridge roof toss, African wild dog demo, Tiger Keeper Talk and Flamingo Walk. Plus, proceeds from this event went towards benefitting Colorado Pet Pantry – an organization which provides pet food to families in need.

Aside from animal experiences, guests had the chance to enjoy live entertainment. Performances by local artists included teen pop band Thumpasaurus who were celebrating the release of their new single “Struttin.”

One of the most beloved experiences at the zoo is getting up close to the flamingos and observing their quirky personalities. For a 30-minute encounter, visitors can tour the quarters of these lovebirds as well as get up-close with Freddy Mercury and Lance Bass himself!

If you can’t make it to the zoo for the flamingo experience, Denver Zoo also offers aviary tours where visitors can get up close and personal with birds in their habitat. Plus, learn all about the zoo’s conservation efforts and why it is essential to protect species of animals through guided walks.

Aviary tours are free and open to the public; however, you must register online in order to take part. The tour will begin in the aviary and then move through its exhibits.

In addition to the flamingos, the zoo houses various birds and reptiles as well as animals in their natural habitats. These include giraffes, okapis, Abyssinian ground hornbills, zebras and Przewalski’s horses.

Another popular attraction is the Mountain Sheep Habitat, opened in 1979 and home to Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep and mountain goats. This habitat offers two natural-style mountains for these animals to call their own.

Lorikeet Adventure, opened in 2006, is an expansive open-air mesh tent where visitors can interact and feed a variety of lorikeet species. This exhibit boasts the only blue-streaked lory in the zoo as well as rainbow and scarlet-breasted varieties.

In addition to lorikeets, the zoo also houses an array of birds in its Avian Propagation Center. This facility houses all types of birds and specializes in caring for and breeding endangered species. As such, this center plays a pivotal role in furthering the zoo’s mission of conservation and education for all wildlife.

At the zoo, keeping animals healthy and content is a top priority. To this end, they conduct regular animal health inspections and tests as well as employ an experienced team of veterinarians who are responsible for providing all necessary care to all creatures present.

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