Dennis Edwards Net Worth

Dennis Edwards Net Worth

Probably most people who know who Dennis Edwards is, don’t know exactly how much he’s worth. It’s a pretty good guess, considering that he’s a well-known musician and actor who’s been around for a long time. His net worth is estimated to be around $3 million. This isn’t quite as high as it was when he was younger, but it’s still pretty high.

Early life

During the late 1960s, Dennis Edwards became the official sixth member of the Temptations, and he remained in the fold until 1977. His defining voice helped the band carry through the heyday of Motown’s sonically most ambitious period.

Dennis Edwards is a living legend in the world of Motown. His Temptations Revue is still performing today, and he has three surviving children, a wife, and five surviving grandchildren.

Dennis Edwards’s career began with a stint in the Fireworks vocal group, and later he joined the Contours and the Temptations. His signature hit was the song “Cloud Nine,” which won the Temptations their first Grammy. He also won three more chart hits in 1985.

During his tenure with the Temptations, Dennis Edwards was the proud recipient of the Living Legend award, and his Temptations Revue continues to perform today.

Music career

Having a net worth of $5 million, Dennis Edwards is one of the wealthiest RnB and soul singers in the world. He is also a member of the Alabama Hall of Fame. He is best known for his career with the Temptations.

Born in Fairfield, Alabama, Dennis Edwards started his music career as a choir director. He studied at the Detroit Conservatory of Music. He also performed in nightclubs in the Northeast and Midwest.

He joined The Temptations in 1968. He replaced David Ruffin as the lead singer of the group. He stayed with the group until 1984. He rejoined them in 1980 when they returned to Motown. This resurgence helped raise his net worth.

He released two solo albums, Coolin’ Out and Don’t Look Any Further. Neither of these albums reached the same success as the first.

Marriage to Ruth Pointer

Despite the fact that she is famous for her singing career, Ruth Pointer has also had a lot of trouble in her life. She has had four failed marriages, and her life was also filled with drugs and alcohol abuse.

Ruth Pointer was born on March 19, 1946 in Oakland, California. She graduated from Oakland Technical High School in 1963. She later joined the Pointer Sisters. Initially, she had an alcohol and drug problem. She also worked as a keypunch operator. She has earned several awards in her career.

Ruth Pointer married her first husband, Larry Woods, on August 9, 1964. Ruth and Larry Woods had two children together. However, their marriage didn’t last long. They divorced in 1970.

Ruth Pointer married her second husband, Donald Boyette, in 1984. Ruth Pointer then got married to Michael Sayles in 1990. Ruth Pointer and Sayles have five children. The oldest two children, Issa and Malik, are singers.

Social media accounts

Temptations singer Dennis Edwards has died at the age of 74. His family has not revealed the reason for the death, but it’s a sad state of affairs. The former lead singer had been diagnosed with meningitis in May. The former Temptations lead singer had been known to return to the group a few times.

As far as music goes, Dennis Edwards and The Temptations are probably best known for “Papa Was a Rolling Stone”, “Bad, Bad Boy”, and “I Will Survive”. Their other hits include “Dream Lover”, “Me and My Baby”, “Ain’t That Love”, and “It’s My Turn”. They were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1989. Their music has been sampled by many a Hip Hop group.


Temptations singer Dennis Edwards has died in Chicago, Illinois. His family and friends say he died of complications from meningitis, though they are still unsure of the cause.

Edwards, 74, was a lead singer for the group. He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1989. He has survived by his wife, five daughters, and several grandchildren. He married Ruth Pointer. They briefly married in the late 1970s, but later fell into drug addiction. He also has a son.

Dennis Edwards was a Grammy award winner, having won for songs like “Cloud Nine” and “Papa Was a Rolling Stone”. He also sang in a gospel group. He had a grittier tone during his tenure in the Temptations. He later rejoined the group for several reunions into the Eighties.

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