Delighted By Hummus Net Worth

Delighted by Hummus Net Worth

Probably the most talked about product in the world today is the product called “Delighted By Hummus.” This company has won awards and has appeared on Shark Tank. They have a Twitter account and a Facebook page.

Makenzie Marzluff

Founder of Delighted By, Makenzie Marzluff is an entrepreneur with a strong culinary background. She has co-founded a number of businesses, including KAKAO Ceremonial Drinking Chocolate and REQUESTbar. She is a conscious entrepreneur who operates from her heart. She wants to inject love into the food industry.

Makenzie Marzluff started her company, Delighted By, on credit cards. She soon moved her product to Walmart and Wegmans. Makenzie’s dessert hummus is gluten-free, low in sugar, and made from chickpeas.

After Makenzie’s product was featured on ABC’s Shark Tank, she landed a $600,000 loan. She asked for 12% of the company. Mark Cuban offered $600,000 for 25 percent of her company. The deal went down well. But Makenzie’s valuation was too high.

Makenzie’s hummus was soon sold in Whole Foods and Publix. She also began to sell her product in farmers markets. She had a number of flavors.

Shark Tank appearances

Originally called Delighted by Hummus, this innovative line of dessert spreads has been expanding into retail stores in the US. They are offered in flavors like Snickerdoodle, Brownie Batter, and Choc-O-Mint. They are all natural and gluten-free. Their goal is to become the first dessert hummus brand in the US.

The Sharks love businesses that don’t require an outside investment. They want to see creativity and resourcefulness. The founder of Delighted By Desserts is Makenzie Marzluff, a nutritionist. She pitched her business on the show in October of last year.

The company’s founder, Makenzie Marzluff, has been a serial entrepreneur. She has founded other businesses, like KAKAO ceremonial drinking chocolate. She is also a published author. She is currently working on another venture.

Marzluff was inspired to create her dessert hummus after her husband suffered from food allergies. Her first hummus experiment was a success. In the first year of operation, she sold her products at retail stores nationwide. In her second year, she was able to grow her company to a multi-million dollar business.

Awards won

Several of the major food and beverage players have been tasked with making a splash at the most recent awards ceremony. Walmart, with seven award-winning products, is no exception. The awards are part of the annual Salute to Excellence Awards (STA) that recognize store brands for their contributions to the retail industry.

The awards have been given to retailers across the country for their efforts to keep up with consumer demand for high quality, branded products. In fact, retailers are becoming increasingly savvy about consumer behavior and are beginning to take their cues from a growing consumer base that is willing to pay premiums for superior quality. While retailers have historically focused on a single brand, they have recently started to diversify their offerings. This includes private label products.

Company’s Facebook page

Until recently, you probably never heard of Delighted by hummus. It’s a gluten free, plant-based, and dairy free spread that uses vanilla beans and cinnamon to achieve its tastiness. It’s also got a snickerdoodle and choc-o-mint flavor to boot. You can get it at Walmart, Target, Whole Foods, and more. Despite its relative youth, the company has made some impressive sales.

Makenzie Marzluff, the company’s founder, started the company after seeing a need for a healthy snack hummus. She began researching the market and found that consumers were looking for a tasty, nutritious, and convenient option. She developed her own recipe and a name for it: Delighted By hummus. She then sold her product for a cool $1 million in just over a year.

Marzluff’s product is also gluten free and vegan. She uses real, fresh, organic ingredients to make the spread. She has a lot of competition, but she claims that her product is the only one of its kind in the market. She has been featured in several national publications and has had the opportunity to sell it to big name retailers.

Twitter account

Besides being a famous celebrity, Delighted By Hummus is also one of the richest people in the world. According to Forbes, the hummus maker is estimated to be worth at least $2 million.

The company began in a farmers market. The founder, Makenzie Marzluff, was a nutritionist and had a background in culinary arts. She decided to put a sweet twist on traditional hummus spreads. She experimented with dessert hummus and created a line of eight flavors.

Delighted By Hummus is dairy-free, gluten-free, and vegan. It is also non-GMO. It has flavors like vanilla bean, snickerdoodle, and chocolate cherry cheesecake. It is also certified kosher.

Delighted By Hummus began selling in local farmer’s markets and in stores. It started in the Boston area, but eventually spread to more stores in the U.S. In addition to local stores, the company has also been sold in Walmart, Wegmans, and Whole Foods.

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