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Radio Personality Deja Vu Joins Live With Kelly and Ryan

Deja Parker (aka Deja Vu) is the new announcer on Live With Kelly and Ryan and fans have taken a liking to her ever since she made her debut appearance.

Deja has extensive experience working in radio. She was employed in Jacksonville, Florida as a midday host, program director and music director before making the leap to New York City where she now holds her current gig on Power 105.1.

Emmis Communications purchased WBLS in February 2014, and Deja co-hosts The Quake’s House Afternoon Show along with WBLS comedian Earthquake each Monday through Friday from 3 to 7 pm incorporating humor, her love of New York City, and contemporary R&B music into her broadcasts.

Deja Vu has worked alongside the same group of people in her industry for years and has come to realize the value of teamwork. She enjoys engaging with her listeners and even established a non-profit organization where teens can complete community service projects together.

Deja also interviews famous celebrities and is often invited as a guest at large-scale entertainment events. She exudes confidence and an infectious laughter; Deja makes everyone feel they can accomplish anything!

Last Wednesday, Live With Kelly and Ryan cohosts, Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest welcomed Deja as an announcer, making an immediate impact with her eye-catching outfits and charming smile. Deja even has her own elevated booth on set which she uses daily to introduce the show – as evidenced by fans on Twitter who have showered Deja with praise!

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