Dee Shanell Net Worth

Dee Shanell Net Worth

Whenever you hear the name Dee Shanell, you may think of her as a famous actress. However, she is much more than that. She is also a singer, dancer, musician, and songwriter. She has earned fame for her recording and stage performances, and has been credited with a number of famous recordings.


Considering that Dee Shanell is a YouTuber, it’s no surprise that her name is on the lips of millions of viewers around the world. Not only does she have her own YouTube channel, but she also has a sizable Instagram account. She’s got a pet dog, too. As of the writing of this article, she’s got over 86.6 thousand Instagram followers.

Despite the fact that she’s not the biggest YouTuber around, her name is definitely on the list of people with the most subscribers. She’s also got a ton of content in her YouTube channel. From hilarious skits to epic fails, there’s no shortage of material on the channel.


Among the most popular social media stars of the world, Dee Shanell is a model and an internet celebrity who has a net worth of over 1.5 million dollars. Dee Shanell has earned her wealth by promoting products through her videos on YouTube. She has also endorsed various games and skincare products.

Dee Shanell was born on July 31, 1989 in Los Angeles, California. She is 5 feet 4 inches tall and has a curvy body. She is of white caucasian ethnicity and a Leo astrological sign. Dee Shanell’s parents gave her all the necessary care she needed.

Initially, Dee Shanell dated Brandon Rashod. But they broke up in 2018. In April 2018, the two separated. Dee Shanell and Brandon launched a YouTube channel called Dee & Brandon ENT, which hosted prank videos, challenge content and cute videos. They soon had over 350,000 subscribers.


Touted as the YouTube sexiest woman on Earth, Dee Shanell has no shortage of fans and foes. In fact, her fanbase has grown to the point where she is tasked with juggling multiple hats at a time. While there is no denying the fact that Dee Shanell is a true socialite, it is difficult to ignore the plethora of sexually charged shenanigans that plague her. The best bet would be to let her guard down and make her feel at ease.

As with most relationships, the good, the evil, and the occasional fling, Dee Shanell has had her fair share of ups and downs. A few minor fumbles have plagued her dating line, but she has had more than her share of major wins, including one on the grandest scale.


Despite her small net worth, Dee Shanell is a social media star. She is a YouTube and Instagram star. Her channel Dee & Brandon ENT boasts a whopping 350,000 subscribers. She is also a songwriter from Springfield, Massachusetts. She has also endorsed different games and skincare brands. She also has a pet dog. She has an estimated net worth of $1 million. She is currently signed to Lil Wayne’s Young Money Entertainment.

The Dee Shanell Wiki hasn’t revealed how much money she makes from her YouTube channel, but it’s safe to assume she earns a healthy portion of her revenue from ads on her videos. She has also endorsed cosmetics and skin care products, and has a slew of YouTube pranks to boot.

Social media influencer

Known as Dee Shanell, she is an American YouTuber and social media personality. She was born on July 31, 1989, in Los Angeles, California. Dee Shanell’s channel is known for producing reaction videos, QnA videos and vlogs. She has a huge following on social media. Her videos have been watched by people around the world. She also has endorsements from different brands.

Before she became a YouTuber, Dee Shanell dated Brandon Rashad for several years. The two became a YouTube couple. They started their channel together, but later split. Eventually, Brandon kept the prank and challenge channel while Dee took over the reaction channel.

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