Days Of Our Lives Chanel Pregnant

Days of Our Lives Spoilers – Is Chanel Pregnant?

Days of Our Lives spoilers hint at an impending major plot twist, as head writer Ron Carlivati teases that an impending baby could further complicate Chanel and Johnny DiMera’s relationship. If it belongs to them, that will add more stress for an already separated couple; otherwise it could throw allie Horton (Lindsay Arnold), who’s committed to Tripp Johnson (Lucas Adams).

If the baby doesn’t belong to Anna Carver and Eric Brady (Johnny Amendola), Eric may go on an aggressive rampage against Sloan Peterson (Nicole Bilderback) for punching him, which Anna fears would expose his secret to all of Salem PD and have unintended repercussions.

After an evening of passion, Chanel Dupree (Raven Bowens) awakens to find that she has an unexpected bump on her stomach. At first she thinks this may be miscarriage; however, since no rings have been attached and there have been no previous miscarriages; could it actually be miraculous pregnancy?

She seeks advice from Abe Carver (Thomas Banks), who advises her against telling anyone. Instead, she delivers bear claws to both of them at the same time; Paulina then complains about how the police had foiled her attempts to return to baking business, suggesting someone might have altered them somehow.

Colin Petersen (Jonathan Flynn) drops by and observes Talia Hunter (Nicole Rose Riley). Although pleased that Talia broke up with her ex, his eyes soon turn hostile when Paulina attempts to explain herself, making Colin even more hostile as his stare remains fixed on Paulina. She continues her attempts at explaining but his stare only grows stronger with time as his ire remains directed against Paulina.

The next day, when Abe and Paulina return home after learning of the health inspector’s decision to close Sweet Bits for an indefinite period, this news comes as devastating blow. Luckily, one of Abe and Paulina’s friends offers to assist them in finding another place willing to accept them as owners. Abe then receives a call from his health inspector demanding his arrival; telling him he’ll be there shortly.

Week of May 29 brings another exciting DOOL scene. Sarah Horton returns, causing shockwaves through Peacock soap opera with her pregnancy revelation. Meanwhile, Xander Cook and Chloe Lane begin dating. Leo Stark grills Johnny and Chanel for being “engaged”, Thomas Banks returns for payback, Leo grills Johnny & Chanel about being engaged and Thomas Banks returns home for some sort of revenge while Abe and Paulina finally reunite at a bakery. Bonnie Kiriakis informs Justin of her pregnancy news. Xander and Chloe’s romance becomes complex after Maggie Horton distracts him with job offers from Maggie Horton. Furthermore, Abe meets up with an unknown woman – see the spoiler video above to watch what unfolds! Don’t miss an episode of Days of Our Lives; download its app or visit its official website online streaming to watch online episodes – plus stay informed by Soap Dirt for all the latest gossip and gossip from DOOL! Subscribers receive updates through Soap Dirt for news as well as gossip surrounding DOOL from Soap Dirt. Subscribe today for your daily dose of DOOL updates as well!

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