David Norton Married At First Sight 2021

Married at First Sight 2021 – David Norton is Still Single

Married at First Sight has had several twists in its history. While some couples have found lasting love through its platform, others have chosen divorce as an option. Now that multiple seasons have gone by, let’s check up on what these former stars are up to now.

David Norton from Season Three of The West Wing is perhaps one of the best-known alumni to see their marriage fail. Though David had made every attempt at keeping Ashley interested in him, she increasingly began complaining and eventually informed David she wanted a divorce on Decision Day.

He appeared in Married at First Sight: Second Chances with Vanessa Nelson from his original season of Married at First Sight. They had the chance to date men and women from their hometowns who were seeking soulmates; over time their groups would narrow from 100 people (speed dating-style), down to 25, 10 then eventually one person each week until they found their perfect match.

However, during the second season of the spinoff it became clear that neither David or Vanessa would find lasting love; ultimately they both decided to split. Since then they have lived separate lives. Lifetime released an update special called Married at First Sight: Where Are They Now? in April 2020 where several stars from the show shared updates – David revealed he was still single though no specific details were provided regarding his current relationship status but noted he hoped he might meet someone soon.

David posted an update video on his Instagram page that confirmed he had begun dating someone, without providing details as to who it was or how long they had been together. Furthermore, he made it clear he didn’t wish to discuss this particular aspect of his current romance on camera.

He stated in the video update that he was recording at the spot where he met his future wife. While not disclosing their identity, he stated they shared some similarities and that they seemed happy together. While he provided no additional details regarding their relationship, he seemed optimistic and hopeful they could make it work together. Regarding previous experiences he admitted being a serial monogamist before MAFS but felt as though his character had changed for the better after experiencing such challenges.

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