Dateline The Secret Mike

Dateline – The Secret Mike

Mike Snyder, an esteemed auto mechanic in an upscale subdivision of Albuquerque, New Mexico, fell in love with coworker Ellen Sheffield. However, their relationship was fraught with tensions which ultimately resulted in Mike’s tragic passing.

When Ellen’s son heard about his father’s murder, Ellen felt the need for privacy and took extreme measures to protect herself and prevent any further questions. She grabbed a gun and fired eight shots – ending both Mike’s life and her own. Subsequently, she buried Mike’s body next to her garage.

Dateline: The Secret Mike is available on NBC News and on demand.

A young woman, married to her high school sweetheart, mysteriously vanishes; did she leave her family behind to pursue a new life or was there another reason for her absence? A decade later, her grown son confronts the unsolvable truth at the core of this unsolvable case.

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