Darryl Dawkins Net Worth

Darryl Dawkins Net Worth

During his years in the NBA, Darryl Dawkins has played a major role in the game of basketball. He has accumulated a net worth of millions of dollars, and has been able to become a household name. This article will provide you with information about his career, personal life, and family.

Basketball career

During his career, Darryl Dawkins was a formidable NBA player, known for his ferocious dunks. He was also a member of three conference championship teams with the Philadelphia 76ers. In 1982, the team made it to the NBA Finals, but lost to the Lakers.

After leaving the NBA, Dawkins entered the coaching career and coached two teams in the United States Basketball League. He was also the head coach of Lehigh Carbon Community College. In 2005, he auditioned for an ESPN analyst position. His autobiography, co-authored with Charley Rosen, is a narrated account of his career.

Darryl Dawkins was born on January 11, 1957, in Orlando, Florida. He grew up with his mother, Harriet James, and his father, Frank Dawkins. He attended Maynard Evans High School, and led the school to the 1975 state championship. His talent earned him the nickname, “Chocolate Thunder.” Dawkins was drafted in the first round of the 1975 NBA draft by the Philadelphia 76ers.

Personal life

Having played in the NBA for over fourteen years, Darryl Dawkins had a lot to boast about. He starred for the Philadelphia 76ers, earned a number of awards, and was a pioneer for the slam dunk. Dawkins’ autobiography, which he wrote with Charley Rosen, looks back at his career.

Dawkins was the first player ever drafted directly from high school into the NBA. He signed a seven-year contract worth $1 million when he was drafted.

In his rookie season, he led the Sixers to the Eastern Conference title, and finished second in the league in field goal percentage. He also led the league in personal fouls three times.

He was traded to the New Jersey Nets in 1982. Dawkins played well in New Jersey, but the Nets’ best record was 49-33. In 1984, Dawkins was injured and benched for most of the season. He then suffered a number of injuries in 1985. He missed 43 games.


Known as the “Chocolate Thunder” of the NBA, Darryl Dawkins was one of the best centers in the league. He also served as a coach for many teams. His autobiography, co-authored with Charley Rosen, details his life on and off the court.

Darryl Dawkins was born in Orlando, Florida, on January 11, 1957. His parents separated when he was five years old. His father moved back to his hometown of Virginia and his mother moved to Ohio. Dawkins attended Maynard Evans High School in Orlando. During his time there, he led his team to the 1975 state championship. He was a good student and a quick learner. He also had a good relationship with his stepmother.

In 1975, the Philadelphia 76ers drafted Dawkins fifth overall. He became the first player to be drafted directly from high school into the NBA. After a few years of playing in the NBA, Dawkins became a coach. He also served as an analyst.


During the 1970s and early 1980s, Darryl Dawkins played with the Philadelphia 76ers, and was a key player on the team. His teammates included Julius Erving, Lloyd Free, and Doug Collins. During Dawkins’ career, the Sixers made it to the NBA Finals three times. However, they lost to the Lakers in 1980 and 1982.

Dawkins was also a player for the New Jersey Nets in the 1983-84 season. During this season, he was one of the best players in the NBA. In fact, he was second in the league in field goal percentage, with a percentage of.575.

He was also known for his dunks. During one game, he was able to break the backboard of the Kansas City Kings. He was later ejected from the game.

Dawkins was a big man and was recruited heavily in the country. He was a senior in high school when he was drafted into the NBA. He was selected fifth overall.

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