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Dan Bilzerian aka ‘Blitz’

Dan Bilzerian, commonly referred to as ‘Blitz’, is an American venture capitalist and poker player renowned for his luxurious lifestyle, love of adventure and carefree attitude. His Instagram posts have gained global traction with millions of followers.

He’s a staple of the high-stakes poker scene, playing private games with celebrities where each hand can exceed most people’s annual salary. Additionally, he works as both stuntman and actor while enjoying extreme sports like scuba diving, skiing and mountain biking.

His extravagant lifestyle and party-loving personality have garnered him millions of followers on Instagram, even being featured in magazines such as People and Vogue. With a reported net worth of more than $100 million, he counts many celebrities among his friends.

On his Instagram page, Bilzerian often showcases his luxurious life – complete with private jets, high stakes poker games, yachts and scantily clad women. Recently he launched a model search to find spokesmodels for his new business Ignite which produces cannabis products which can be purchased in dispensaries across states where it’s legal.

PEOPLE reports that Bilzerian’s new model search will pay out up to $1 million for successful candidates. He tells us he’s searching for models with a strong social media presence who can represent his brand well.

Bilzerian’s lifestyle has given rise to a range of products he sells, such as marijuana-infused coffee. Additionally, he’s passionate about hemp-based items and plans on launching an organic hemp line called Ignite Organics soon.

He’s even been photographed eating hemp soup at a restaurant. Recently, he traveled to Canada and was photographed at a cannabis festival in Vancouver, BC.

He attended a conference in Las Vegas and is set to speak at another one in Singapore later this year. When not travelling, Bilzerian enjoys spending time with his wife and son in Los Angeles.

Bilzerian also hosts charity events and gives back to the community by aiding homeless families. He’s a staunch supporter of Model Citizen Fund, which he created with the purpose of providing resources to those facing poverty.

The entrepreneur, estimated to have a net worth of more than $200 million, also enjoys an enviable social media presence with 32 million followers on Instagram alone. He shares remarkable tales about taking down billionaires at the poker table and how he created his playboy persona.

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