Daddy You Are Stronger Than Hulk

Daddy You Are Stronger Than Hulk T-Shirt

Most people think of The Hulk as simply being a green-skinned brute with punching power, but his character boasts far more than this. He has several unique abilities rarely seen among heroes, including teleportation and his ability to cause earthquakes, shockwaves, or create large craters in Earth’s surface with just one leap.

Hulk can be an extremely dangerous foe when provoked enough. He’s shown the ability to fly and jump across continents for quick vacations; so, should you find yourself face-to-face with this green rage machine, here are some strategies on how to combat him.

For best results when facing off against Hulk, avoid getting close when he’s angry. His power comes from years of emotional abuse at the hands of his father – an enemy whom Hulk also loathes fiercely – which manifested into physical abuse when in Angry Hulk form; when this rage erupts it’s nearly impossible to control.

Hulk can turn off his anger at any time, which is why you must take him seriously. He will quickly disengage if his life or those close to him come under threat; and will not tolerate threats against family, friends, or teammates.

He has demonstrated an incredible capacity to regenerate his tissues at a startlingly rapid rate, rendering it impossible for anyone else to keep pace physically with him. Furthermore, his massive size and weight make him an immense source of brute physical strength – so much so that powerful cosmic beings such as Beyonder have even claimed there was no limit to his strength potential.

One of the most challenging aspects of fighting an Angry Hulk is its intense energy requirements; his character can’t be stopped from jumping into action at any moment and this makes defending someone against his anger-fueled monster a difficult feat, often to their detriment. Allies may soon learn this hard lesson firsthand!

She-Hulk may have battled alongside many of the world’s greatest heroes, but she places great value in maintaining close emotional ties to those closest to her – her family and loved ones in particular. At one time she was married to John Starfox of Heroes for Hire team with whom she fought, however they later parted ways after Starfox was subject to psychic interference by Living Tribunal to become Immortal Hulk and they divorced as a result. Though their feelings for each other may have faded over time she still counts him among close friends as close friend as well.

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