Craig Of The Creek Costumes

Craig of the Creek Costumes

Craig of the Creek is an animated show for children that addresses issues many will encounter throughout their lives, such as difficult sibling relationships, long work hours of parents, bullying and dealing with bullies. Furthermore, it emphasizes the value of family and friendship – something all children should learn early. Although none of its characters are perfect and sometimes struggle with personal difficulties themselves – but together they do work towards solving any potential issues together.

Craig of the Creek features several other distinct characters who add depth and dimension to its narrative. One such individual is Green Poncho from across the creek – an enigmatic boy from opposite banks who has difficulty communicating his needs but instantly captures their attention when they meet him for the first time. As they team up against King Xavier to get revenge against him, Green Poncho proves invaluable as an ally and friend in their fight.

Roger is another member of the Stump Kids who loves planting tomatoes. His outgoing personality often proves irritating for others. Roger often plays with Steve, his stuffed koala who can attach his arms directly to buttons on his overalls and “hear” what Roger says!

Eileen “The Sewer Queen” is an androgynous girl who enjoys swimming. She stands out with her unique look of shaved head, nose plugs and swimwear giving her a mer-like aesthetic. Eileen leads the Sewer Kids as their leader and represents them on the Creek Council; typically wearing no footwear other than webbed toes on her second and third feet barefoot.

Bernard is an intelligent and ambitious teenager from Creek Elementary who serves on their council. While Bernard seems to have an odd relationship with Craig, wanting him at arm’s length but being very affectionate towards Kelsey and J.P. He takes his duties seriously at the library while even making friends with the rock band Bad Moves.

Missy Elliott will lend her voice to Craig of the Creek, making an impressive statement in animation circles. She will portray Carla Frazier – 1989 Double Dutch Champion and rival of Nicole (Craig’s mother) – during an episode called, The Jump Off (scheduled to air January of 2023). We can only hope this trend continues and hope Craig of the Creek may soon see another season and movie! We can only look forward to what awaits this iconic animated series in its future!

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