Cowboy Boot Flip Flops For Sale

Cowboy Boot Flip Flops For Sale

Redneck Boot Sandals of Springfield, Missouri provides cowboy boot flip flops for sale, offering customized reconstruction for $150. Though it might cause some stares initially, Redneck Boot Sandals could provide the solution you’ve been searching for to keep your beloved boots from disintegrating into dust during summer heat waves.

Scotty Franklin first dreamt up this innovative footwear combination while sitting on the beach in Gulf Shores, Alabama in 2012. After seeing someone wearing cowboy boots despite feeling discomfort from them on hot sand, he got the inspiration for his unique shoe-sandal combination invention: the cowboy boot sandal.

Franklin first brought his creation to parties as a joke, but people kept asking him where to purchase them. That led to Franklin making them for real and officially launching his company in 2014. Since then, thousands of pairs have been sold across Texas as well as being shipped internationally such as Australia and Mexico.

These cowboy boot sandals have a flip flop base with either double straps or single straps that can be customized according to customer preference. According to the company website, these high-quality leather sandals can withstand even the toughest wear conditions while being water resistant and providing a lifetime guarantee.

This company’s Facebook page details that the transformation process for boots into cowboy boot sandals takes approximately six weeks, depending on customer choice of boot (whether own, purchased, or available through website) or type (whether traditional, new, buckle-free). Now accepting orders for summer delivery a pair will cost $150 plus shipping fees.

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