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The Covington Catholic T Shirt and the Burns Family Fundraiser

Covington Catholic students have come together in support of senior Thomas Burns who was diagnosed with Ewing Sarcoma bone cancer and are selling T-shirts as a fundraiser to benefit both his family and research into it. All proceeds will be allocated toward helping their cause.

Covington Catholic High School students have recently come under scrutiny after a video surfaced of one their students chanting and mocking a Native American protester – sparking widespread outrage on Twitter and in the press.

Initial reports about the video suggested that teens wearing “Make America Great Again” hats and mocking Native American activist who were beating drums at Washington DC’s March for Life were wearing these “Make America Great Again” caps while making jeers at one Native American activist, Phillips. But after multiple videos emerged showing Phillips approaching and engaging with students at March for Life events in DC, its original explanation began crumbling away.

New video released Saturday provides a clearer account of the incident, in which student Nick Sandmann can be seen smiling near Omaha elder Nathan Phillips who is chanting.

That video captured widespread attention and led to calls for an apology from Covington Catholic School and its parent diocese. On Saturday, both issued statements saying they are currently investigating this incident, promising “appropriate action up to and including expulsion”.

This contentious video holds much more complexity than initially reported and attempts at quick judgement of these teenagers is being challenged.

Racism is always up for discussion and examination, which is why I think the Covington Catholic community needs to ask themselves some hard questions about themselves and consider all possible perspectives.

Are they Infected with Racism? The first question that must be asked and answered about Covington Catholic students is if they were indeed exposed to a racist culture, if this were indeed the case for them then their leaders must recognize and address this inevitability whereas if not then simply taking some time for soul searching may help understand what’s at stake and prevent future incidents from arising.

Blackface is an offensive symbol that should never be worn publicly today, yet that is exactly what some white people wearing black paint on their faces at Covington Catholic High School are doing. Doing so violates both American history and culture as well as generations’ worth of tradition passed on from one generation to another.

As for blackface in Covington Catholic community t shirt fans’ basketball games, that should also be taken into consideration. But if racism truly pervades their community then they should act now to address it.

Park Hills City Council approved last week a contract allowing Covington Catholic to hire Officer Ted Edgington of Park Hills Police Department as their SRO; his salary will be $40,266 annually and he must complete an annual police training course and obtain both car and uniform from Covington Catholic. Officer Edgington will report regularly to school and will receive his benefits through Covington Catholic’s diocesan diocese account.

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