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New Orleans Reporter Courtney Garrett

New Orleans – Two local residents were horrified to learn of Connor Lambert’s death after a tornado tore through their neighbourhood in Alabi, Louisiana. As their home was leveled and his truck flipped over, the pair could only speculate as to what had caused this terrible loss.

Mr Lambert had only lived in the area for a few years and had previously moved to his current address. He left home the evening before the tornado to go to work, but due to weather conditions he had to leave early in order to make it to work on time.

At the station, he was found unresponsive and taken to hospital where he later succumbed from his injuries. This tragedy has sent shockwaves throughout the city as many fear for their loved ones’ safety.

She is not only a journalist but an Instagram star as well. Her fitness videos and lingerie pictures have earned her millions of followers on the platform. Furthermore, she belongs to OnlyFans website for 18+ members where she posts captivating pictures and videos that have gained widespread attention.

Courtney is a reporter for WSMV 4 who joined the news team in October 2021. A native of Knoxville, TN, she has always had an interest in reporting. Prior to joining our station she worked at sister station KNOE in Monroe, LA where she covered stories such as hurricane season, education issues and local government.

Prior to joining the station, she had worked as a multimedia reporter in Albuquerque, New Mexico where she exposed a mayor who denied Navajo Nation residents access to quarantine during COVID-19 and revealed vaccination disparities for people living in rural areas of the state. Her reporting also led to the launch of vaccine programs and clinics in those communities.

She is also a proud member of the National Association of Black Journalists.

At the age of nine, she began performing in musicals and earned several awards for her talent.

Her dream has always been to win American Idol. She has a deep-seated admiration for Jennifer Hudson and hopes to emulate her one day.

At the age of seventeen, she joined an underground band and performed songs from her own record. Additionally, she had a busy touring schedule, playing numerous festivals across the United States.

Despite her hectic schedule, she has managed to carve out time for some introspection and writing/recording a few songs. These include “It’s Hard” and “Rae Street”.

Her third studio album ‘Things Take Time, Take Time’ was released in November 2021 and she recently performed songs from that record as well as other favorites during a tour that showcased her diverse songwriting style. Accompanied by her band, she delivered an energetic set that showcased everything the album had to offer.

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