Come On Be My Baby Tonight Real World

The Real World: Come on Be My Baby Tonight

MTV’s Real World has always featured some sort of group project, but none left as much of an impactful mark as season nine filmed in New Orleans and broadcast in 2000. One of the most notable tasks assigned during this season was producing a weekly cable-access show which caused some intense family tensions to surface. Now in 2017, in its spin-off series Real World Homecoming we see all these familiar characters return including David Broom (now known by Tokyo), Melissa Beck, Jamie Murray Danny Roberts Matt Smith Kelley Wolfer and Julie Stoffer with their bad blood still very evident from that house stint! The trailer for Real World Homecoming instantly brings back these original cast members; you can hear all their tension when they all appear together once more in its trailer from its premiere!

At the forefront of that season was David’s original composition “Come On Be My Baby Tonight.” Although ridiculed by comedian Dave Chappelle during its initial viral fame and then quickly receding back into meme culture obscurity, Tokyo’s rendition has since become part of The Real World legacy and an instant classic. Fans are excitedly anticipating seeing how Tokyo has progressed since his RW debut and whether music remains an avenue of expression for him in Paramount Plus series premiering April 20th.

One of the season’s highlight moments came during a boat trip in Louisiana when a tour guide made remarks referring to a type of stork spotted by Kelley as “nigger storks.” Kelley found this offensive, leading her and Jamie into deep conversations about race relations and their effects today.

Other noteworthy scenes from the premiere include Kelley and Julie’s turbulent romance, which culminated with an unpleasant split that left both women emotionally bruised. Their fellow cast members attempted to help reconcile and heal them but it may already have done its work.

Melissa shows a newfound vulnerability during this episode, opening up about her past friendships and school bullying experiences that left her traumatized. Viewers won’t be used to witnessing such aspects of Melissa’s character and it makes for an engaging part of her narrative that’s worth witnessing.

Fans will have access to all 13 episodes starting April 20. The Real World Homecoming brings back together the cast from season nine of MTV’s original franchise The Real World and is streaming now on Paramount Plus, Facebook and Twitter updates will keep viewers abreast of all new episodes as they air. 1992’s The Real World: New York will reunite in 2021 before Scott Wolf, who made five seasons of spinoff series The Challenge as well as TNT series Perception will join for installment three in 2022.

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