Cole Anthony Mom And Dad

Cole Anthony – Mom and Dad

Cole Anthony is an American professional basketball player currently playing for Orlando Magic of the National Basketball Association (NBA). At 21 years old, this point guard is known for his high scoring capabilities and defensive prowess on the court, along with being an effective leader who can make some of the league’s finest jump shots.

Greg and Crystal McCrary-McGuire have instilled Cole with humility and awareness of his surroundings, teaching him that success comes only through hard work and dedication.

They have also helped him develop into a good person outside the court. For example, they encouraged him to be part of a team and be kind towards others, and have granted him the freedom to pursue his own path and not necessarily follow in his father’s footsteps.

Greg did not exert pressure upon Cole when the NBA draft arrived; rather he encouraged him to find his passion and excel at it on his own terms. That approach paid off: Cole was chosen 15th overall by Orlando Magic in 2020 NBA draft after playing college basketball for North Carolina Tar Heels men’s basketball team.

Cole Anthony was born May 15, 2000 in Oregon to former NBA player Greg Anthony and Crystal McCrary; his older sister Libby Anthony lives nearby.

Cole moved with his family from Colorado Springs, CO, when he was in kindergarten. It was there where he discovered his passion for basketball; initially wanting to play baseball initially but later telling his father that basketball was more interesting.

Cole also holds a deep appreciation of his culture and heritage, often sharing pictures and videos from his travels on social media, and speaking out about this in interviews.

Young athlete Kevin Durant possesses the potential to make waves in the NBA and reach new heights of success. A natural leader, he can motivate his teammates to perform at their maximum. His talent, drive, and determination will go far in his career journey.

His mother endured many difficulties throughout their lives together but never let any hardship get in the way of supporting her son. She is a strong and courageous individual who paved the way for him to get where he is today. In addition, she pursued several projects related to music and acting; some movies include Secrets of the Frog King” and Carol. Additionally, she served as executive producer on Little Ballers TV show as an executive producer; she directed/wrote episodes; was featured as model for Glamour Magazine (being named most beautiful women in America in 2012); among other achievements and accolades she received several achievements relating to her talent and expertise in these disciplines.

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