Chris Allen Greensburg Indiana

Christopher Allen, 48, of Greensburg, Ind., Was Arrested on March 7

Christopher Allen of Greensburg was arrested by police after his granddaughter, five month-old Bryleigh Adams was severely injured during an attack that took place at their Greensburg residence. Bryleigh Adams was transferred to Riley Hospital for Children in Indianapolis following this ordeal where she underwent treatment for fractured eye sockets, fractured skull fractures, eyelid swell shutness, injuries to her neck and other ailments that required hospitalization; according to her family she will require wearing a neck collar for several months following this event.

Madalynn Hadley was taken aback when her daughter Bryleigh was attacked so violently at only five months old by her father, as no one expected such violence from him.

She added that Allen’s actions were not in her granddaughter’s best interests and this has caused her to question everything about him and figure out what transpired that led up to this terrible incident. She believes something changed inside him which resulted in this violent outburst.

She also reports her granddaughter is currently receiving psychological therapy and wants to know what can be done to assist. With answers in hand, she hopes they’ll allow her to move forward with life.

She may feel she is going through a rough patch, but knows her family will always be here for support and will do their best to assist her any way possible.

One of her goals is to reintegrate her piece of land with nature, planting fruit trees and nuts trees as well as flowers on it.

Another of her goals is to keep her home neat and clean, creating an environment in which people can feel at ease to discuss anything with one another freely and openly.

She plans on increasing privacy in her backyard so that she and her grandchildren can enjoy outdoor time more fully, as well as starting a family garden for her grandchildren to cultivate their own vegetables and herbs.

Bryleigh has not only experienced physical and psychological struggles, but has also been diagnosed with autism and sustained a brain injury; during which she’s been intubated and experienced seizures – needless to say hospital visits have become frequent as she embarks upon physical therapy sessions towards recovery.

The family is grateful for all the love and support from so many, hoping that their community can assist in getting her better soon and helping them move on from this difficult period.

The Allen family has created a fundraising page on GiveSendGo that is helping cover some of the expenses related to Bryleigh’s injuries. They anticipate raising over $7000 by Thursday.

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