Choi Siwon Before Surgery

Choi Siwon Before Surgery

Siwon is one of the most renowned chabols (offsprings of large South Korean business conglomerates) in K-entertainment, having come from a wealthy family that owns Boryung Medicine and other businesses. He boasts an impressive list of endorsements as well as appearances in some top Korean dramas and movies.

Choi Siwon is often accused of having plastic surgery due to his eye-catching facial features, but he always maintains that his features are naturally beautiful and that he follows a healthy diet.

He enjoys physical exercise and strives to keep his body in top condition by doing the right things. Recently, he had surgery to remove an inflamed salivary gland and is recovering at home. Although SM Entertainment announced that he would not be attending KBS’ 3D live concert on Tuesday due to his condition, he hopes to return soon.

One popular cosmetic procedure that has been reported is blepharoplasty, which involves the removal of extra fat and tissue around the eyes. The end result can be a much younger-looking face with a slimmer profile.

This procedure is ideal for patients with bags under their eyes, wrinkles or loose skin in the upper and lower eyelids that can significantly impair side vision. Furthermore, it provides a natural and youthful look for those who have sagging eyebrows or drooping upper eyelids.

Some years ago, Naeun’s nose caught the attention of many due to its “oddly high” bridge and sharp tip in promotional photos for TWICE’s Formula of Love: O+T=3 album. Those who saw her in these photos noted her different-looking nose, suggesting she may have undergone reconstructive surgery.

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