Chippewa Falls Trick Or Treating 2021

Chippewa Falls Trick Or Treating 2021

As Halloween 2023 nears there is plenty to do; get your makeover with Halloween makeup classes; have fun at family friendly events; tour haunted houses or attend one of many spooky parties in the area; as well as trick or treating opportunities in Chippewa Falls this year; the annual Downtown Trick or Treat Event will take place once again this year; bring along costumed kids for treats! Look out for posters at participating businesses.

Trick or treating can be an especially hazardous time for young children, so it is essential that adults remain mindful of their safety during this activity. No children should ever go door-to-door alone without adult accompaniment; costumes made of flame retardant material and decorated with reflective tape may increase visibility for motorists as children go from house to house; porch lights should remain lit during trick or treat times and any obstacles should be cleared from walkways should you plan to open your home to trick or treaters.

Though there is no set deadline for when trick or treating should end, most people agree it’s best to begin early to beat the darkness. According to a 2015 FiveThirtyEight survey, most participants preferred beginning their trick or treating at 5 or 6 PM; some communities may host events earlier than this timeframe.

Eau Claire and Chippewa Falls both host annual early trick or treating events on the Sunday before Halloween; Altoona and Menomonie residential neighborhoods often hold their own events as well. For more information about hours, it’s wise to reach out to local news sources or social media forums in your area.

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