Chicago Pd Next Week Preview

Chicago Police Next Week Preview

Next week on Chicago P.D, the Intelligence Unit will close in on Richard Beck. His plans to conduct a deadly attack have been advanced rapidly, prompting them to scramble like never before in response. Fans are sure to love this episode; hopefully it provides Kim some much-needed content as well.

Additionally, it’s likely we’ll see action take place in the form of a major car chase or explosion – the preview clip showed some impressive gunfire! So it looks like NBC is going to give us quite an exciting ride this time!

Hank Voight could die in this episode, and his death would certainly leave an impactful legacy for all his coworkers on the squad. After leading their specialized unit for so long, it wouldn’t come as much of a shock when his departure occurred now.

Adam Ruzek’s investigation of white supremacist family the Becks should make strides this episode and earn their trust so he can uncover some chilling information about Samantha’s father.

Torres and Borkowski will continue their heated disagreement over their respective policing styles, leading them into further conflict with each other. Furthermore, a potentially devastating case will force Atwater to confront his relationship with Lew.

Also in store are more tense scenes revolving around Sean O’Neal’s case, after Hailey helped crack it during episode 13 and crackdown stepped up their pursuit of him with Hailey at their side.

At last, an incident at a burnt-out building could force the entire squad to band together in solidarity. A major scandal may soon surface that will impact their department in some way or another; yet its scope remains hazy. We look forward to watching how it plays out on Wednesday night!

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