Chicago Med April Loses Baby

Chicago Med’s April Loses Baby

Chicago Med has dealt Nurse April Sexton an unexpected setback. When she went in for a routine pregnancy scan, she received heartbreaking news that her baby didn’t have a heartbeat – an especially painful event given how long April and Ethan have been trying to conceive together and how close their romance had become before this news was received.

Just when we began to imagine a romantic future for this couple, the show decided to throw them a curveball and leave them reeling emotionally. Their loss will certainly put strain on their relationship, yet will they reconcile or will the season end abruptly without resolution?

Uncertain is what will become of Ethan and April in the end, but it will be fascinating to witness how Chicago Med’s writers handle such a delicate topic. With recent discussions surrounding reproductive rights being heatedly debated and April being Catholic with strong feelings surrounding abortion rights – this should prove very interesting indeed!

But if the couple can come back from this hurdle, then their story could unfold once again in the fall. And the show already features several potential replacement players if necessary: Tehmina Sunny made her debut this season as a medical student who quickly established herself as one of the show’s most respected physicians, while landing romantic interest from Dr. Will Halstead – making her an ideal candidate to join Will’s team should she decide to stick around.

Brian Tee has played LCDR Dr. Ethan Choi since its premiere in 2012. As a decorated Navy Reserve veteran and former ED chief resident who married April midway through season eight, fans have long wondered why Tee has not been as prominent this season.

Choi could return to the show; no official statements have been released by producers regarding his participation; it would make sense for him to come back as it will help close loose ends after recent tragedy involving him.

What do you think? Do you wish Connor and April could reunite? Share your thoughts in the comments! Additionally, tune into Chicago Med every Wednesday at 8 PM ET on NBC for another exciting episode!

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