Central Park Gold Brick

How to Find the Central Park Gold Brick in LEGO Marvel’s Avengers

The central park gold brick is an item in LEGO Marvel’s Avengers that can be obtained by solving various puzzles around the city. These tasks range from playing pairs games to solving a circuit of lights puzzle, some require you to destroy objects or solve other problems but all have one goal in common: unlocking the box containing your brick.

There are 140 Gold Bricks in Manhattan, scattered around the map. Some will be visible at the beginning, while others can only be unlocked after you complete certain missions or quests.

One of the more thrilling locations to find a gold brick is in Central Park’s northwest corner. Utilizing Super Sense, you can use this monument as your guide and use Super Sense to reveal where to dig with ease. Follow along the trails of studs until you uncover your lucky gold brick!

Next up is a fountain near the northeastern edge of the lake that has four bushes surrounding its perimeter. Destroy one and you’ll have time to take out all three with your missile-targeting character; once all three have been eliminated quickly, your Gold Brick should spawn.

Earning Gold Bricks by controlling RC submarines on the shore of the lake is another way to earn them. There are two sets of controls, both located on the dock; one allows you to steer a small boat while the other has cannons that you can shoot with your vessel to destroy any yellow subs in your path.

Other locations to find gold bricks: On top of a building with several red lights attached, which must be stood atop by an impressive character before time runs out.

On top of another building is a walkway leading to another. On either side are two fans, one gold and one silver.

Under each fan, there is a switch that must be depressed. After both switches have been depressed, you’ll be able to see the brick beneath.

Alternatively, you can jump into the hole beneath each fan and step on all of the buttons simultaneously to open a door leading to your brick. There are also other switches you can press for another brick; these are behind a fence or on top of a ladder, so they may be easier to reach if you have a larger character with you.

With Super Sense on the switch, you can reveal a trail of studs. Once found, follow it towards another brick.

There are a few other locations in the park where you can find a brick, including at the base of a monument and near a fountain. Here, use your clawed character to dig up some studs along a trail leading towards your gold brick.

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