Celebrities With Short Legs

Top 10 Celebrities With Short Legs

Though many celebrities appear tall and beautiful on screen, some are actually surprising short. Though it’s sometimes difficult to tell because of camera angles and stepping stools being used to make themselves appear taller, Hollywood still features several iconic female celebrities who are shorter than expected who still make us gasp with delight and talent! Check out these ten actresses and superstars whose height may surprise you!

Rachel Bilson has become one of the premier actresses and models. A graduate of “The O.C.” and “Hart of Dixie”, this petite beauty stands out with long torso and short legs; yet still makes them appear striking. Rachel often wears heels to lengthen her legs further.

At 5 feet 3 inches, actress Emma Roberts of “Bridesmaids” and “Girlfriend’s Day” fame is one of Hollywood’s shortest celebrities; yet her comedic talents have made an impressionful mark on film and TV alike. Additionally, she’s known as an elegant fashionista; often seen sporting heels or short dresses!

Kiera Knightly is another petite actress with an elegant hourglass figure, often wearing high-waisted pants to showcase her curves and create balance between her long torso and short legs. Additionally, she enjoys donning heels to elongate her legs further and add an elegant flair.

Mila Kunis stands just 5 feet 4 inches. Although she stands slightly shorter than both Ashton Kutcher and her former co-stars from That ’70s Show, Kunis has made her height work to her advantage and become one of Hollywood’s sexy blonde bombshells who has proven that being short doesn’t hold you back!

She often wears high-waisted dresses and skirts that highlight her legs, as well as heels to give the impression of having longer legs. According to the actress herself, wearing heels helps make her appear taller.

Maisie Williams stands only 5 feet, yet has made waves in acting due to her portrayal of Arya Stark on HBO series Game of Thrones. As the youngest member of her cast – even overshadowed by Daenerys Targaryen and Khal Drogo – Maisie often gets overlooked by her co-stars, such as Daenerys Targaryen.

Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi stands just 4 feet 8 inches but has managed to carve a successful career for herself in Hollywood. By using her unique body proportions to her advantage, Snooki has inspired other short women with similar bodies and even wrote a book detailing her experiences and advice for other small people. Furthermore, Snooki modeled for Chanel and has become known for her stylish presence.

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