Cars Wingo

Wingo From Cars 3

Cars fans, here is a set of rolling models from Disney/Pixar Cars 3. This line features characters from the Disney animated movie Toy Story, Cruz Ramirez and Jackson Storm. These models feature a wide variety of realistic details and come in a scale 1:55.

Wingo’s car is marked with a license plate that reads “WINGO” and is painted purple-green. Its headlights are chrome and its grille is black. It has five spoilers on the side and a white outline in Japanese of “inpoto.” It also has yellow eyebrows and a set of pipes at its back.

Wingo first appears in the game when Mack is sleeping. He and his friends then push him, while a DJ plays soft music. They are eventually caught by the Sheriff who orders them to pave the road together with Bessie. This act is a repeat of the task Lightning McQueen had to complete when he arrived in town. In the game, Wingo is also present in the epilogue. He and his friends make their final appearance in the High Speed Heist minigame.

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