Cars Thunder Hollow

Cars Thunder Hollow Challenge Playset

The Cars Thunder Hollow Challenge Playset, based on the Disney Pixar movie, is a great toy. It comes with two vehicles and two launchers and is designed for children aged four and up. The track features authentic designs, breakaway doors, and a motorized booster that keeps cars moving around the course for hours.

Thunder Hollow is the setting for the Demolition Derby in the third Cars movie. It is a famous location with a long history that dates back to the original game. The town was actually Doc Hudson’s home and the Piston Cup Racing Series. The area became a popular tourist destination. The track hosts weekly demolition derby races.

This 5-pack of die-cast 5 cars will appeal to Disney Pixar’s Cars 3 movie fans. Each vehicle features the iconic demolished derby design, wheels that roll, mud-splashed accents, and wheels that roll. The collection includes the Cruz Ramirez and Frances Beltline, Wild Bill’s wreckage, Pushover, and a striped jalopy.

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