Car Reindeer Ears

Add Reindeer Ears to Your Car This Season

OxGords makes it easy to add holiday spirit to your car this season with its Reindeer Car Costume. This costume includes two red antlers as well as a red nose. It looks great in your car and is ideal for city driving. It is not recommended to be used on freeways. If you plan to do any freeway driving this season, you might want to take out your nose.

Reindeer car decorations are easy to install and remove. These car ornaments attach to your grill or front bumper. You can keep them on year-round by closing your car windows. You can spot clean them if you are worried about how they will look. Adding these festive decorations to your car will make it look just like Rudolph, and will be a hit with kids.

Don’t buy reindeer ears if you are concerned about your car’s gas mileage. These holiday decorations can reduce your fuel efficiency. These decorations can make your car run a little slower on the highway. Reindeer antlers or a nose on your car will increase the drag coefficient.

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