Car Radio Ski Mask

How to Get the Car Radio Ski Mask in Roblox

The Car Radio Ski Mask is a cool Roblox item that you can find in the avatar shop. It can also be used to teleport to a Twenty One Pilots concert. To earn this item, you will need to complete missions. Roblox is required to play the Roblox game in order to obtain the Car Radio Ski Mask.

Tyler, the quest-giver in the Westover Islands, will give you the quest. You need to find three lost items, including the Car Radio. Your wrap level will increase each time you find an item. Once you have collected all three items, you’ll receive the Car Radio Ski Mask, as well as a full wrap for the Classic Tour Bus.

To get the Car Radio Ski Mask, you’ll need to help Tyler. Tyler has lost his tricycle and needs to find it. He took the 76 West to get there and was able to find it near a hangar. You’ll be rewarded if you can help him return it to his car.

The car radio can be found in Cape Henlopen, which is near the lighthouse. To get it, you’ll need a map and compass. Find the farthest wind turbine on the beach, and then use your car radio to navigate. Next, find Tyler’s torch. Once you’ve found it, he’ll ask you to follow his instructions.

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