Car Extract Tarkov Scav Karma

Car Extraction in Tarkov Karma and Reputation

The Car Extraction is a great way to gain reputation and climb fast. It will cost you a little reputation for each use, but it will allow you to climb fast. In addition, you can also use it to kill Santa Claus and scavs.

Depending on the level of your fence rep, you can do various things to increase it. Vehicle Extracts are the best way to increase your fence rep. This will increase your fence rep quickly and easily. You can also kill Player-Scavs to help the Scav bosses. You can also kill PMCs in battle. This will increase your fence rep.

Besides karma, Car Extraction can also increase your reputation. This will increase the number of players who are willing to buy your items, and give you perks. It can be used to make more money. Just remember that the more reputation you have, the higher the price you will be able to sell your items. It’s important to know what to do and not do to gain reputation.

Daily missions are also available for Scavs. These missions require extracting from specific points, twice in Customs, and more. Completeing these missions will give you a reputation boost of 0.01+. You can start doing them early in a wipe, but you must do them daily in order to build reputation.

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