Canton Car Wash Columbia

Canton Car Wash in Columbia, MD

Canton Car Wash offers a variety of car wash services including exterior only washes, full service washes, express detailing, and self-serve stations. The company uses soft touch equipment, lots of soap, and lots to clean your car. Its tunnel is equipped with the latest cleaning technologies. It also offers self-serve stations, and its unlimited program provides unlimited washes for a low monthly price. If you wish to end the program, you can cancel at any moment.

Canton Car Wash is located in Columbia, MD at 7080 Minstrel Way. It is expected to open its doors in late 2020. The company was established in Baltimore, Maryland in 2009. Since then, several locations have been opened in the region. In addition to car washes, they also offer full-spectrum detailing and minor repairs for cars.

For convenience, Canton Car Wash has self-serve stations and express detailing services. It uses the most recent cleaning technologies, including soft touch equipment and soap. The facility also has a self-serve station for those who don’t want to wait in the long line. If you’d like to avoid the lines at Canton Car Wash, you can enroll in the unlimited wash program, which features unlimited washes and discounts. You can cancel your membership anytime, and there’s no obligation.

It can be difficult to find a good car wash service in Columbia with so many options. It’s important to check customer reviews and make a decision based on what you’ve read. You can even get a monthly membership that saves you money on car washes.

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