Candy Purple Car Paint

Candy Purple Car Paint

Candy car paint is an automotive color that is truly unique. It is made in a 3 step process starting with a reflective base, followed by a colored layer and a protective clear coat. In this way, light hits the finish and is reflected back through the candy layer and clear coat. The candy layer then absorbs the light and changes the color.

The quality of the clear coating will determine the life expectancy of candy paint. Most clear coats protect candy paint from UV rays, but exposure to the sun can fade it over time. For this reason, you should park your car indoors or cover it when not in use. Otherwise, you should wash, wax and protect your new paint job as you would normally.

Candy paint is a popular choice among automotive enthusiasts. It is more expensive than traditional automotive paint, and the process is a bit more time consuming. However, because candy paint is very colorful and has a rich look, many automotive enthusiasts still prefer it. Candy paint can also be used to paint entire cars.

It is recommended that you apply a basecoat if you are going to use Candy car paint. A basecoat serves as a protective layer and can help your paint adhere to the surface. After applying a basecoat, the Candy colour is applied in light, even coats. To ensure the best results, you should leave the ground coat to dry for at least 24 hours before applying the clear coat.

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