Bruce Macvittie Net Worth

Bruce MacVittie Net Worth

Bruce MacVittie Net Worth was an esteemed American actor best-known for his roles on film and television. A tireless worker, Bruce was dedicated to making things happen for himself through hard work; also helping others in any way possible as much as possible in his life – which contributed to his rise in fame over time. His primary source of income was acting, something he pursued for over 32 years as his career flourished with various Broadway theaters as well as founding Naked Angels Theatre Company as his source.

He began acting professionally on October 14, 1979, shortly after moving from Rhode Island. Soon thereafter he made the leap to New York City’s Ensemble Studio Theatre where he performed Edward Allen Baker’s drama Prarie Avenue as well as one of its founding members Naked Angels Theatre Company. Working within theater for many years prior to appearing in several films and TV shows was his specialty.

Bruce MacVittie appeared in over 75 movies and TV shows during his 32 year career in acting. He excelled across numerous genres with an unrivalled acting skillset; particularly famous for portraying police detectives on Law & Order: Criminal Intent as well as Jim Doyle from As The World Turns.

After an exceptionally productive career, Bruce MacVittie passed away peacefully at 65 in a Manhattan hospital on May 7, 2019. He leaves behind his wife Carol Ochs and daughter Sophia Oliva Ochs MacVittie. Unfortunately, no reason has yet been provided as to his cause of death.

Early on in his career, he performed in small roles across different productions before emerging on Broadway stage as one of David Mamet’s American Buffalo stars and making guest appearances on several popular series such as The Sopranos and Law and Order.

He was an extremely hardworking individual who always strived to be the best in his field, continually learning and improving his skills. Always looking at things with optimism and positivity in mind, he made sure to spend quality time with his family.

He is one of the best-known and richest celebrities in the US, boasting an enormous fan base both domestically and abroad. With multiple sources of income that make him rich – as well as assets that continually add value – his net worth continues to skyrocket year by year, soon making him one of the richest people on Earth. Additionally, he’s widely respected by his community members; caring for them all deeply.

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