Braveheart Hold The Line

Does Braveheart Hold the Line?

The brace of Braveheart, or at least the sequel to it. A rag tag army, led by a charismatic leader, holds the line in a rousing battle. Several notable names grace the screen, including Patrick McGoohan, James McAvoy, Anna Hutchison, Patrick Stewart and Alan Ladd, Jr. The film received many accolades, including an Oscar nod in the best picture category. The movie spawned a number of reruns on cable networks for 25 years and counting. It is not hard to see why.

In the world of films, Braveheart is a cult classic. There are several reasons, not the least of which being the star power of the cast. Despite its modest budget, it was a major winner at the box office and in international territories. To this day, it remains one of the most profitable movies of all time, and there is no reason to believe the studio will not continue the tradition.

In fact, it is no surprise that it took the Oscars by storm. It is no surprise that it is still being remade, albeit under new management. Indeed, it is no surprise that it is still being telegraphed around the globe, with the latest incarnation being a limited release in China. Among the stars of the show is Angus Macfadyen, who returns to the silver screen for the first time since Braveheart in the most high profile role of his career. One of the most interesting parts of the experience is the fact that the script was not written by Gibson, but by a new scribe. This allows the veteran to devote more attention to bringing his new star to life.

Several of the film’s memorable characters are still alive and kicking, including the aforementioned Angus and his co-star Anna Hutchison. With its impressive production values and stellar cast, Braveheart certainly deserves its well deserved reputation.

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