Branford Hall Career Institute

Branford Hall Career Institute – Southington Campus

Branford Hall Career Institute was an independent career college that was located in several Connecticut cities. It was owned by Trigram Education Partners and had locations in Southington, Branford, Amityville, Jersey City, and Parsippany. It closed in March 2015. It was criticized for its promotion of its programs as “not worthwhile the money.”

The Branford Hall Career Institute-Jersey City offers two-year degrees and a certificate program. While students are not required to earn their associate’s degree at this institution, it is important to note that the school’s graduation rate is low. No students graduated from the school in the 2016-2017 academic years. This is a cause for concern as graduation rates are one of the most important indicators of a school’s quality and financial support.

The Branford Hall Career Center offers career training in areas that are in high demand in today’s economy. Students are taught by industry professionals who are experts in their fields. The school also stresses the importance of practical education and understanding the needs of employers. It also offers externships, internships, and clinical experience. Additionally, it offers refresher courses for its graduates.

Students who want to work in the healthcare sector can apply for an accredited certificate program at Branford Hall Career Institute. There are 13 certificate programs available in five areas related to healthcare. All programs include an externship or internship. Additionally, Branford Hall offers free refresher training sessions to graduates. These programs are designed to help students get the most out of their careers.

The Southington Campus of Branford Hall Career Institute has a 29.7% default rate on student loans, which is much higher than the national average of 10.1%. The Southington Campus has 72 undergraduate students, with 69 enrolled full-time and three on a part-time basis. The students are 88% female and 12% male. There are many ethnicities represented.

The Branford Hall Career Center offers education and support services to help students find the right career for them. The institute encourages self-respect and helps students reach their full potential. It believes that every student should have access to knowledge and a solid educational foundation. Moreover, it provides a unique educational environment.

The Branford Hall Career Institute-Southington Campus provides an open admission policy that accepts individuals from any background. There are no GPA or standardized tests. It accepts GED certificate holders and high school graduates. The program offers four majors. Your eligibility and your schedule will determine the admission requirements.

Financial assistance is provided to eligible students. They can also get loans and payment plans to help them pay for the course. Students can focus on their studies by having flexible scheduling options.

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