Boho Vans Net Worth

Boho Vans Net Worth

Boho Vans is a company that makes modernized camper vans for vacationing. It is based in Tempe, Arizona. The company was valued at $3 million during its pitch, and its sales are expected to reach $2 million in 2021. It has continued to increase its net worth since its founding and has expanded its rental fleet.

David Sodermann and Brett Ellenson

Boho vans is a company that builds and sells customized camper vans. David Sodermann and Brett Ellenson are owners of the company. David studied landscape architecture and marketing at Arizona State University. He then worked for several companies before creating his own company. He started as a welder at Rolling Thunder LLC and went on to work as a machinist and regional director at Desert EDM. He subsequently rented a camper van and spent six months on the island of Maui. He later returned to Arizona and built a mobile home.

While their company is small, David Sodermann and Brett Ellenson are a couple with a combined net worth of over $2 million. Their company is based in Tempe, Arizona. They began offering camper van rentals in 2013 and have continued to grow since then. The company was featured on Shark Tank in March and was praised by Barbara Corcoran, who offered them $150,000 cash upfront, a $150,000 line of credit, and a 10% stake.

Klondike model

The Klondike model is a customized camper van by Boho, a company that specializes in luxury camper vans. It is outfitted with a solar panel, dc-to-dc battery isolator, three types of insulation, and blackout curtains, among other amenities. This vehicle also has a 48-inch slide-out kitchen drawer, an outdoor shower, and JBL speakers mounted flush to the wall. The van is also finished with a tongue and groove red cedar exterior.

Base model

Based in Tempe, Arizona, Boho Vans offers modernized camper vans for vacationing. During the pitch, the company was valued at $3 million. However, its net worth has increased considerably as the company continues to expand its rental fleet. In fact, according to Forbes, the company had over $2 million in revenue as of June 2021.

The company offers several models of camper vans. Its Phoenix headquarters has helped to grow into a national business that offers customizations. Currently, Boho’s main goal is to provide customers with an authentic camper van experience. Moreover, it provides its customers with full trip suggestions and a secret map that features the best attractions in the Southwest.

Price range

Boho Vans is a company that offers modernized camper vans for vacationers. They are located in Tempe, Arizona. They were featured on a recent episode of Shark Tank. During the episode, they were attempting to secure investment from Barbara Corcoran, who offered them $150,000 cash up front and a $150,000 line of credit. She also offered to take a 10% stake in the company. After accepting the deal, the company has continued to expand their rental fleet.

The cost of a custom-built Boho van depends on the model. A 1-ton van, such as a Dodge Ram Van 3500, will cost you around $10,000. You can choose from used vans that fit your build specifications and save the rest for customization. The entire process takes between six weeks.

Social responsibility component

On the Shark Tank, the Boho duo pitched their idea for a social responsibility component of the brand. They wanted to focus on charitable donations to homeless shelters. The Sharks were enthusiastic about the concept. After hearing from the duo, four Sharks made counteroffers. Rohan Oza offered $300,000 for 25% equity, Kevin’ O’Leary offered $350,000 for 10% equity, and Lori Greiner offered $300,000 for 20% equity, but with a condition for social responsibility.

The Boho vans net worth is not publicly disclosed, but the duo has made great strides. While they still need to expand their company’s social responsibility programs, the income from their vans is growing steadily. In fact, they have sold more than ten vans and have several more under development.

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