Blo Car Dryer

BLO Car Dryer Review

The BLO AIR RS portable car dryer is perfect for small cars and motorcycles. It is designed to drive water out of every vent, mirror, and hiding spot. It’s a great choice for motorcycle riders who want their bike to dry quickly and easily. It is compact and easy to use, and will dry your car or bike quickly and effectively.

Drying your car with your hands after a wash can result in swirl marks, dents, and scratches. With a BLO car dryer, you can dry your vehicle in record time with zero scratch risk. Its variable speed control allows you to dry your car quickly and safely – even hard-to-reach places.

The 600-watt heating element in the BLO Car Dryer RS produces heat up to 56 degrees. It prevents water spots and leaves your paint streak-free. This product is backed by a two-year warranty that covers materials and build quality. It does have some limitations.

The BLO Car Dryer can be used as a mains-powered dryer. To ensure proper drying, you should only use it after washing your car. Make sure to blow water from panel gaps and crevices, and also dry out the lower panels. If not done correctly, it can cause health problems.

The AIR-S is one of the smallest and lightest Bike and Car Dryers, yet it boasts 25% more drying power than any other hand-held car dryer. The AIR-S also provides clean filtered air – an important feature when drying delicate surfaces. Its two-speed controller allows you to change the air temperature accordingly.

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