Ben From Descendants Costume

Ben From Descendants Costume

Ben is a good-natured boy with a soft personality who stands for fairness and generosity. He shows compassion towards Cruella De Vil’s (Carlos), Malificent (Mal) and Jafar’s (Jay) descendants, offering them second chances at redemption. In his inaugural speech as King of Auradon he offered these troublemakers another chance.

Ben is one of the main protagonists in Descendants film series. A handsome young man with light brown side-swept hair and bright green eyes. He wears a white shirt with navy blue sleeves as well as a brown belt featuring a gold buckle; additionally he sports brown leather boots.

He is an intelligent young man, eager to solve problems. He enjoys learning new things and helping those in need. He’s thoughtful and kind toward others, making great friends of Mal and Evie while harboring romantic feelings for Audrey.

Ben has many friends at school, such as Jay, Carlos and Mal. He is popular, often being asked out on dates; captain of his cheerleading squad; caring individual who regularly compliments others on their outfits or performance at practice sessions; supportive of their dreams.

Ben is an outstanding student who strives to do his best at school. After school he often visits the library to study, or spends time with his friends.

As Mal and Evie attempt out for cheerleading, he compliments their outfits and expresses his pride for all their hard work. He offers to assist them with refining their routines for competition day, making sure they give it their all.

Ben has an attraction for Audrey, so he attempts to reach out by inviting her to the Isle of the Lost. Audrey is initially nervous but eventually agrees and the two enjoy exploring together on their adventure together – even though they differ greatly, their journey together goes smoothly.

Kara Saun designed the costumes in Descendants film by drawing inspiration from several Disney movies as well as 50s fashion influences. For instance, Audrey often wears light pink and white outfits with wide collars and big a-line skirts; other girls often resemble those from Sleeping Beauty with large pink and blue stripes on dresses featuring large necklines; main characters often sport black or red combinations of patterns – Kara did an outstanding job!

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