Bedsure Heated Blanket Electric Throw

Bedsure Heated Blanket – The Best Electric Throw Ever

Electric blankets can help keep you warm and cozy during those chilly winter nights, saving money on energy costs while keeping you cozy at bed or on the sofa. Some can heat up quickly; so, selecting an appropriate one for yourself is key.

Our top picks offer a range of sizes and materials, such as fleece, microfleece, sherpa and flannel blankets. Additionally, you’ll find options with different heating levels, programmable timers and longer warranty periods – some (such as this Serta model) also come equipped with additional features not often seen on budget-friendly blankets such as dual controllers for couples sharing a bed and reversible designs that allow for room design customization.

Keep in mind when shopping for an electric blanket that certain models require a special liner to prevent accidental contact between wires. This is particularly important if shopping for someone with medical conditions that makes them especially sensitive to temperature changes or difficulty moving their hands and arms, or anyone with limited mobility who requires regular tucking and repositioning of their blanket.

These top-rated electric blankets from Bedsure boast soft velvet-like fabric with fast heat up times for quick bed coverage or as throws on couches and sofas.

If you’re on a tight budget, seek out models with an auto shut-off timer of four hours and are easy to set up and use. Also look for something soft such as sherpa or flannel so it will feel comfortable against your skin without scratching.

For those wanting a blanket with a programmable timer, look for one with settings to turn off after eight, 10 or 12 hours – this feature may not be required by UL 964 but serves as an effective safety feature that prevents accidentally leaving it on overnight.

Lastly, when shopping for someone with limited mobility, look for an item with an extension cord and multiple colors to suit their preferences. Some machines can even be machine-washable to make clean up easier in case of spills and stains.

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