Bedroom Cleaning Checklist: 5 Essential Items Often Forgotten

How do you clean your bedroom quickly?

There are a few basic cleaning ideas that will help you. Start by making a checklist, including the most common things that get forgotten, and keep you from achieving cleanliness.

Whether cleaning a main or guest bedroom, keeping up with the routine cleaning is essential. But many of us need to figure out where to start or which bedroom cleaning checklist to use.

Read on for helpful bedroom cleaning tips below.

1. Ceiling Fan

A neglected ceiling fan can collect mold, dust, and debris, leading to potential health hazards. Begin by switching off the electricity supply and dusting the blades first.

Once completed, you should wipe down the blades. Have a damp cloth ready for any sticky dust particles that it may collect. It would be best to clean the housing, concentrating on the areas where dust can accumulate- at the back and bottom, moving in an outer to inner circular motion.

2. Window Blinds or Curtains

Not only do you need to vacuum or dust them, but you must also wash them at least once a month. Dust, dirt, and grime can build up over time, and this can cause allergic reactions such as sneezing and watery eyes.

To ensure your window blinds or curtains are thoroughly cleaned, add them to your bedroom cleaning checklist. Start by removing the window blinds or curtains and cleaning both sides with a soft brush or vacuum cleaner attachment. Let them dry before putting them back on.

3. Light Fixtures

Light fixtures are an essential component of bedroom cleaning that is often forgotten. They need regular dusting, or they can collect much more dust and dirt than the rest of the room. Light fixtures can also collect dead bugs and moths, which nobody wants to encounter if left unchecked.

When cleaning a bedroom, dust off all light fixtures, including hard-to-reach places like the ceiling fan or any bulbs reached, by extending your arm as far as it will go. This will ensure that your bedroom is sparkling clean, dust-free, and smelling fresh.

4. Under the Bed

This space often accumulates dust, dirt, and other debris, so including this area in your cleaning routine is essential. Having under the bed on your cleaning checklist can help ensure your bedroom stays neat.

Include vacuuming to remove dust and dirt, which can often accumulate under a bed. It is also essential to inspect misplaced or forgotten items. Even if you think you need to own a vacuum with a hose extension, it’s worth having one in your arsenal as you can reach under the bed to clean.

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5. Baseboards

To ensure thorough cleaning, baseboards should be routinely wiped down with an all-purpose cleaner or vinegar solution to remove any built-up grime and dirt. Vacuum or hand dust a tight-packed crevice to ensure cleanliness.

Baseboards also need dusting to ensure that no dirt is left behind. A periodic stain guard or wax may make the baseboards easier to clean a bedroom quickly.

Utilize This Bedroom Cleaning Checklist

A clean bedroom starts with the essentials. Remember to dust and sweep, vacuum under your bed, and do a deep clean. With this bedroom cleaning checklist, you’ll always remember the five essential items often forgotten.

As a reminder, keep a chart in your room to tick off items visited. Keep your bedroom looking and feeling like a tranquil haven. Try it out for yourself!

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