Baskin Robbins Halloween Cake

Baskin Robbins Halloween Cakes

Are you hosting a Halloween party or searching for the ideal treat to serve trick-or-treaters? Baskin Robbins has something perfect for your celebrations – cakes shaped like rabbits, turkeys, pumpkins and more that will add an elegant touch to any table setting.

Not only are these cakes delicious, but they’re also customizable with your desired flavors and can be delivered through DoorDash, Uber Eats or Postmates. You can order them through Baskin Robbins website and mobile app or contact your local store directly for pickup.

Are you searching for a whimsical yet delicious treat to serve at your next Halloween party? Look no further than Trixie The Ghost Cake. This delightful ice cream cake features an adorable cobweb bow made of decorating icing and fudge, available in either Made with SNICKERS or REESE’S Peanut Butter Cup varieties.

For something with more kick, try the new Spicy n’ Spooky Ice Cream. It is the brand’s Flavor of the Month for October and it combines White Chocolate Ghost Pepper flavored ice cream with rich Dark Chocolate ice cream and vibrant Blood Orange spicy flakes.

This spicy-sweet combination is every bit as irresistible as it sounds – an irresistible twist that won’t be found elsewhere. Not just a Halloween treat, this ice cream must-try is must-have for all ice cream fans!

This flavor is only available until October 31, so make sure to grab some before the season ends! And if you plan on ordering some treats from Baskin-Robbins, remember that with DoorDash, Uber Eats or the BR mobile app you can take advantage of a $0 delivery fee on your first order!

You can get a special edition Unicorn Zombie Cake made out of ice cream. The unicorn’s horn is composed of Oreos, while the rest of it is covered in red glaze and crushed Oreos.

For an extra special Halloween celebration, Baskin Robbins has the Pinata Pumpkin Patch Cake with its candy-filled center that spills when cut. It’s sure to be the hit of any Halloween gathering – but be warned – this treat may not be suitable for everyone.

This fall, there are other spooky treats on the menu. For instance, Trick Oreo Treat returns as a vanilla ice cream with orange creme Oreo cookies and pieces of Butterfinger and Baby Ruth candy bars. Plus, the brand is releasing a seasonal pumpkin pie ice cream.

What do you think of the new ice cream options? If you’re a fan, be sure to share them with your friends!

If you don’t enjoy the new flavors, check out other treats on Baskin Robbins’ Halloween menu. You’ll be amazed at how much fun you have while sampling these spooky delights!

Are you celebrating the end of summer or just need a quick treat? These recipes will satisfy your hunger without taking up too much time. Plus, they’ll save you money and make it easier for you to enjoy an enjoyable evening!

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