Baby Announcement Valentines Day

Baby Announcement Valentines Day Ideas

Valentine’s Day is an ideal time to announce your impending bundle of joy. There are various creative ways to announce this special holiday, such as through social media posts or personal letters or cards. No matter if this is your first child or third, these baby announcement valentines day ideas are sure to put a smile on everyone’s face!

One of the most exciting parts of being pregnant is sharing your news with friends and family. A quick kiss on the lips can be enough to send someone into a frenzy, but for something extra special, consider booking a romantic maternity photo shoot!

Take the chance to capture stunning maternity shots that you can use as inspiration for starting your maternity book. With the assistance of an experienced photographer, you can transform the ordinary into something extraordinary.

Add a romantic touch to your maternity shoot by using heart-shaped balloons and an adorable love poem sign! For an adorable Valentine’s Day pregnancy announcement, snap a photo of you holding your ultrasound with the words, “It’s a boy!” or “It’s a girl!”

This creative idea is so easy to recreate and it’s the perfect way to announce your pregnancy on Valentine’s Day. All you need to do is grab some red candy hearts (or chalky ones if you’re feeling fancy) and snap a picture against an attractive background, like this one from Instagram user @jordd.

If you’re expecting a baby, why not treat yourself to some personalized candy hearts that say ‘baby’ and the due date? These can be purchased on Etsy or online and make for an adorable way to announce your exciting news!

Another way to announce your pregnancy is by baking some delectable treats. If you have some heart-shaped cookie cutters lying around, display them on a tray or insert them into candy heart cake decorations for an extra special touch. You could even write the names of family members on the cookies for extra personal touch!

Give a homemade gift of love to your favorite aunts and grandmothers this Valentine’s Day! My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear offers this baby heart bear as the ideal way to let them know you are expecting an arrival! With its fetal heartbeat recording, it allows them to give themselves their very own stuffed animal that they can squeeze whenever they wish and hear your baby’s heartbeat!

Create a baby announcement video for an even more personalized touch. Include your maternity photos, sonogram footage and any other mementos associated with your pregnancy in this unique keepsake that you can watch time after time!

Finally, for an extra special Valentine’s Day pregnancy announcement, bring your bub to the beach! All you need to do is grab a letter board, onesie, and some other props for an adorable photoshoot at the shoreline.

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