Ashley Randele Lynnfield Ma

Ashley Randele – Lynnfield Ma’s Most Wanted Man

Ashley Randele of Lynnfield MA

There was a time when this quiet Massachusetts town served as an oasis for regular people. You could find them at the country club, Land Rover dealership or on the golf course; people you could talk to for hours about anything without raising any red flags. They all shared one passion: their love of golf and cars.

Thomas Randele evaded capture for decades in one of Boston’s most notorious robberies. He lived out his crimes under a false identity and never revealed his true identity to anyone.

Last November, no one knew his secret. But that was about to change.

According to Cleveland’s top US marshal, what began as a 50-year mystery eventually led investigators to Conrad. His team was able to make an forensic connection between signatures found in bank filings and some details from Conrad’s life from the 1960s, according to Elliott.

On a mysterious deathbed confession that made headlines, an elderly man wearing an identical suit to Ted Conrad in 1969 donned, owned the same three-bedroom Cape that Ted had used during his crime spree and made an arrest.

With the assistance of FBI agents, federal prosecutors and investigators from the United States Marshals Service, they were able to confirm that Ted Conrad – who gave big wigs such a scare – was actually the same individual. That is the story behind one of history’s most infamous fugitives.

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