Ariana Grande’s Car

Ariana Grande’s Car Collection

Ariana Grande’s Car Collection

Ariana Grande is a big fan of luxury cars. She owns many of them. She has her own Tesla as well as a Mercedes. She uses the Tesla for errands while she prefers to use her Escalade for red carpet appearances. We can expect to see her in this car in Wicked soon. Until then, let’s look at some of the most extravagant cars that she owns.

Ariana Grande purchased a 2015 Escalade ESV Platinum. This luxurious car is far from cheap, costing well north of $95,000. It is fitted with a 6.2-liter V8 engine and 420 horsepower. This car was purchased from a public auction. In addition to the Escalade, the singer also owns a Ferrari 488 GTB and a Range Rover SV Autobiography.

Ariana Grande has made millions of dollars through her music, but her car collection is extremely expensive. The singer is a huge star in the music industry and has earned an estimated net worth of $72 million. Ariana Grande has an incredible collection of cars. It shows that she is not only extremely successful in the music industry, but also has a keen sense of humor.

Ariana Grande’s car collection is insane, and she has many top of the line vehicles. Her Tesla Model S can travel from zero to sixty mph in just 31 seconds. She also has several other top-quality cars in her garage. She is passionate about cars, and her collection is a testament of that.

Ariana Grande’s Maybach S600 car is beautiful. It has a snow-white exterior, and she frequently drives it. While she is often seen in it, she sometimes lends it to drivers. The Maybach has a six-liter petrol V-12 motor and great acceleration.

Ariana Grande is known for her stunning vocal performances and huge income from her music. The pop singer has more than a hundred million followers on Instagram. Her car collection includes a Cadillac Escalade, a Land Rover Range Rover Sport, and a Mercedes Maybach S600.

Ariana Grande has worked hard to get to where she is today and she has a nice car collection. She has a Range Rover white convertible and a Mercedes SL Class silver convertible. Her cars are incredibly expensive and have unique features. While the Ariana Grande car collection is huge, it is not the only one in her collection.

Social media is very popular with Ariana Grande. Her official Facebook page has more than ten million followers, and her YouTube channel has more than eight million. She has over ten million followers on her official Facebook page and nine million on her Instagram and Twitter accounts. She is also a philanthropist.

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