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Tattoos by Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande is an immensely popular singer and actress. Known for her beautiful vocals and vast fashion knowledge, she captivates her audiences with each new outfit she experiments with. Additionally, Ariana is highly creative – always coming up with new ways to wear clothes!

Her tattoos feature both classic and unusual designs to reflect her quirky persona, such as an “always” inkblot or the finger tattoos with “Pete”. As an American pop singer with over thirty years of ink to her name.

She got a bee tattoo on her left ear to remember the 22 people killed at one of her concerts during a 2017 terrorist attack, as well as wear an emoji of it during hosting of One Love Manchester benefit concert, becoming its symbolic figure since.

Though some of her tattoos, such as her “Pete” finger tattoo and butterfly designs are readily noticeable to fans, others remain lesser-known. She’s got string of words inked onto her right index finger; an unfilled shape on the inside of her left ankle; and some sort of “something” at the top of her left thigh that fans have only partially witnessed.

Singer is an admirer of Japanese kanji letters. In early 2019, she unveiled a tattoo featuring Japanese characters which were supposed to represent her song, “7 Rings.” However, native speakers misunderstood it as being incorrect; so she returned multiple times to her artist in order to correct and add meaning by adding a heart.

Artistically, she showcased her creativity through tattoos depicting Chihiro and Eevee from Spirited Away movie. When she unveiled these tattoos at the 2020 Grammys, she wrapped them around her arm like she were wrapping a present! Later that year she added another butterfly — with more intricate detailing — onto her upper arm.

Taurus is her zodiac sign, which governs both her passions and dress sense. Venus, the pleasure planet, was also born under this sign – meaning that she has an inborn talent for aesthetics and style.

She possesses mental-aware Mercury in her 6th house, an indication of being aware of what other people are feeling and commentating through music about their relationships. Being so observant herself enables her to write songs about love interests that resonate deeply within herself.

She has ambitious career plans and the Venus is closely aligned with Pluto indicating potential career success. Additionally, Venus is in close conjunction with her moon signifying caregiving qualities as she deeply feels other’s emotions and can give them voice through music.

Singer Katy Perry already sports an impressive array of ink, and her love for spur-of-the-moment designs means more tattoos will likely emerge over time. We may see more hidden pieces once she marries musician Dalton Gomez in May 2021.

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